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Friends of the Pregnancy Center of Lapeer

If you are a client looking for services, Click Here

 Baby Bottle Boomerang is in Full Swing.

The bottles will be passed out on Mothers Day and collected on Fathers Day.  If your church has not heard from us yet, or you would like to participate for the first time, please contact us at 810-667-0055 and we will get you started.


We are a Christian organization that believes all life has value from conception until natural death.


The PCOL is a faith-based, 501c-3 organization and does not receive any state or federal funding. We rely upon the generosity of individuals, churches and organizations for financial support.

If you have further questions about our funding and needs please reach out to our Executive Director Sherry Trombley

(810) 667-0055

Our Story

For more than 25 years the Pregnancy Center of Lapeer has been a loving refuge and a valuable resource for women and men who are unprepared for pregnancy. We are here Monday - Thursday to meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of women, men and children in the Lapeer County area.

For many of our clients, an unplanned pregnancy creates a real problem. There are so many questions to be answered that often times the baby becomes less of a person and more of an obstacle.  Women in an unexpected pregnancy may feel alone, afraid and confused. They have a choice to make; one that will change their life and the lives of those around them. We help to make things less confusing by educating them on all of their options. We provide accurate up-to-date information and emotional support so that when they leave our center, they are prepared to make a life affirming decision. 

Clients who choose to parent are invited to join our H.O.M.E. program. This is a learn and earn program aimed at properly equipping moms and dads with healthy parenting skills while providing for their spiritual and emotional needs. By attending mentor meetings, setting goals and doing basic parenting homework, these moms and dads can earn points to “purchase” items from our baby boutique. 


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Meet Our Staff

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Top Left: Sherry Trombley, Executive Director

Top Right: Lynne Yeashevich, Health Services Director

Bottom Left: Brandi Gittens, Sonographer

Back Center: Ladonna Bright, Administrative Assistant

Bottom Right: Maureen Parker, Director of Operations


All services are offered free of charge and confidential.

Limited Medical Services

Options Consultations

Pregnancy Tests

Limited Ultrasound

STI Information & Testing Referrals

Fertility Awareness Education

Parent Program

 Parent Mentoring

Web-Based Parent Education

Material Support

Parties & Support Groups

Community Support

Post Abortion Healing 

Emergency Material Aid

Parent Enrichment Courses

Sexual Health & Relationship Education

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