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Happy Baby

Give Her Courage When She Needs It Most

Learn how to get involved, and partner with us for life! 

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Free Pregnancy Tests

For women who think they may be pregnant, we offer free pregnancy tests to help them be certain. 

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Options Consultation

Understanding the options is important. Help us support pregnant women by walking them through their options.

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Ultrasounds help expectant mothers see and hear the life of their baby. 

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We offer parenting support, groups, classes, and online resources to help prepare expectant mothers for the road ahead. 

Help Women Choose Life, and Experience Joy

You can be a part of helping us care for the needs of expectant mothers in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, by giving them the resources they need, as well as providing them with life-affirming alternatives. 

Many women facing crisis-pregnancies are overwhelmed with the problems they anticipate, which prevents them from being able to clearly see the overwhelming joys that lie ahead for them. At PCOL, our free services and consultations can help provide immediate and long-term relief to those fears and anxieties. 

Help her see that she has the support she needs to choose life, and help position her to be able to experience the fullness of joy that comes with having a child, while alleviating the anxiety that she feels as a result of this pregnancy. 

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Receive Good News & Be Encouraged!

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Jan-June 2024 Stats

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Babies Saved

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Contacted Center

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Mentoring Sessions

How You Can Help Support Our Clients 

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Become a monthly supporter, give one-time, or give to a specific need. 

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The time you give can be a blessing for them, and a blessing for you. 

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Your prayers are much greater than any strategy we can build for ourselves. 

2023 Stats

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Babies Saved

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Contacted Center

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Mentoring Sessions

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What did you like about PCOL?


"Very inspirational and gave me extra hope for the future, very supportive."



Are you passionate about supporting mothers and families, and dedicated to the pro-life mission? If so, we have exciting opportunities for you to join our team at Pregnancy Center of Lapeer.

We are committed to offering compassionate care, practical support, and life-affirming resources to women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve, while working in a supportive and mission-driven environment. 

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume and email to Or call Sherry at 810.667.0055. We look forward to welcoming passionate individuals who share our dedication to promoting a culture of life and supporting mothers and families in our community.   

Sonographer Limited OB Ultrasound Scanning

Are you trained in sonography and passionate about using your skills to empower women and families? Join our team as a sonographer and play a crucial role in providing life-affirming ultrasound services to our clients. 10-12 hours per week. 

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